Monday, 19 September, 2011
16:45 -- 18:30
Le Saleve

Mo.2.LeSaleve • InP Photonics

Chair: Joe Campbell; University of Virginia, United States
Mo.2.LeSaleve.1 • 16:45
Multi-path Routing in an Monolithically Integrated 4x4 Broadcast and Select WDM Cross-connect
Abhinav Rohit1, Aaron Albores-Mejia1, Jeroen Bolk1, Xaveer Leijtens1, Kevin Williams1; 1Electro-optical Communication, COBRA Research Institute, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands.
A monolithic 4x4 WDM cross-connect is presented comprising a broadcast select switch and four wavelength selective switches. Multi-path routing is demonstrated for both co- and counter-propagating data with under 1dB power penalty indicating negligible crosstalk.
Mo.2.LeSaleve.2 • 17:00
Monolithically Integrated Dual-Quadrature Coherent Receiver on InP with 30 nm Tunable SG-DBR Local Oscillator
Kimchau N. Nguyen1, John M. Garcia1, Erica Lively1, Henrik N. Poulsen1, Douglas M. Baney2, Daniel J. Blumenthal1; 1Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of California Santa Barbara, USA; 2Measurement Research Laboratory, Agilent Technologies, USA.
We demonstrate a monolithically integrated dual-quadrature coherent receiver with 30nm widely-tunable SG-DBR local oscillator, signal input SOAs, a 90° optical hybrid and four 10GHz photodetectors. We demonstrate recovered constellations from 10Gbaud NRZ-BPSK and NRZ-QPSK signals at four different wavelengths.
Mo.2.LeSaleve.3 • 17:15
InP Monolithically Integrated Wavelength Selector based on Periodic Optical Filter and Optical Switch Chain
Nicola Calabretta1, Ripalta Stabile1, Aaron Albores-Mejia1, Kevin Williams1, Harm Dorren1; 1Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands.
We present an InP monolithically integrated wavelength selector that requires log2N switches for selecting N modulated wavelengths. Nanosecond operation and error-free wavelength selection of four modulated wavelengths with 2 dB of power penalty is demonstrated.
Mo.2.LeSaleve.4 • 17:30
Ultra-High Extinction Ratio and Low Cross Talk Characteristics of 4-Array Integrated SOA Module with Compact-Packaging Technologies
Goji Nakagawa1, Yutaka Kai2, Kyosuke Sone2, Setsuo Yoshida1, Shinsuke Tanaka1, Ken Morito1, Susumu Kinoshita1; 1Fujitsu Limited, Japan; 2Fujitsu Laboratories Limited, Japan.
We developed a compact 4-array integrated SOA module using a novel parallel optical coupling scheme and polarization-insensitive built-in array isolators. We achieved ultra-high On/Off extinction ratio of more than 60 dB.
Mo.2.LeSaleve.5 • 17:45 (Invited)
Coherent Large-Scale InP Photonic Integrated Circuits
Fred A. Kish1, Radhakrishnan Nagarajan1, Masaki Kato1, Peter Evans1, Scott Corzine1, Mehrdad Ziari1, Alan Nilsson1, Jeff Rahn1, Damien Lambert1, Andrew Dentai1, Vikrant Lal1, Matt Fisher1, Mathias Kuntz1, Adam James1, Roman Malendevich1, Gilad Goldfarb1, Huan-Shang Tsai1, Parmijit Samra1, Han Sun1, James Stewart1, Tim Butrie1, John McNicol1, Kuang-Tsan Wu1, Mike Reffle1, David Welch1; 1Infinera, USA.
The current state-of-the-art for coherent large-scale InP multi-channel photonic integrated circuits (PICs) is presented. These large-scale PICs integrate >400 functions onto a single monolithic InP chip and enable total bandwidths of >1 Tb/s per chip.
Mo.2.LeSaleve.6 • 18:15
An InGaAsP/InP Integration Platform with Low Loss Deeply Etched Waveguides and Record SOA RF-linearity
Erik Norberg1, Robert S. Guzzon1, John S. Parker1, Steven DenBaars1, Larry Coldren1; 1ECE and Materials, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.
We present a novel InGaAsP/InP integration platform that simultaneously achieves high saturation power and low deeply etched waveguide loss, while requiring only a single blanket regrowth. RF-linearity of SOAs was characterized with record performance.