Enabling Interoperable optical networking - from components to systems

Sunday, 18 September, 2011
10:00 - 13:30
Room E

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Interoperability is a key enabler to new technology introduction in the network and provisioning of cost effective transport services. Interoperability reduces the cost of network deployment as equipment and technology becomes available for multiple sources. Network operations cost is reduced as process can be streamlined over multiple technologies and vendor equipments.

Key prerequisite for interoperability are global standards and specifications. Furthermore mature implementations based on these specifications have to interwork seamlessly, which means that all implementation options were eliminated or transformed to obligatory features, mandatory features are retained only and all standards’ interpretations were streamlined.

Interoperability will be addressed at different levels e.g. component level, sub-systems and system level and among different network domains and layers and finally at data and control plane.

This workshop will explore recent implementation agreements in the OIF based on standards developments in bodies such as IETF, ITU, IEEE, MEF and OIF interoperability testing. Some of the areas considered will include:

* External network element interfaces
* Hardware component interfaces
* Interoperability test results
* Deployment of interoperable networks


Hans-Martin Foisel, Deutsche Telekom, Germany

Interoperability Needs at PLL Level: Components, Sub-systems
Torsten Wuth, NSN, Germany

100G Standardization: A Prerequisite for Interoperability
Ghani Abbas, Ericsson, UK

Inter-domain Interfaces: A Prerequisite for Interoperability
Remi Theillaud, Marben Products, France

Operationalizing the Control Plane
Jim Jones, Alcatel-Lucent, USA

Next Generation Control Planes: Going beyond the Layer Boundary
Jonathan Sadler, Tellabs, USA

Deployment of Interoperable, Control Plane Enabled Networks
Vishnu Shukla, Verizon, USA

Hans-Martin Foisel, Deutsche Telekom, Germany