Multi-layer design of packet-optical transport networks

Workshop 6
Sunday, 18 September, 2011
10:00 - 13:30
Room Le Cervin

The continuous traffic growth and the shift from circuit to packet services have led network operators world-wide to consider the deployment of new optical core networks. Commonly referred to as packet optical transport networks (POTN), these networks combine an optical wavelength layer with an OTN-based circuit and an Ethernet/MPLS-based packet layer.

The efficient design of such multi-layer networks is a non-trivial task. A multitude of questions arises about the best network architecture and the right approach to plan, operate, and optimize such networks. Specific topics of interest include:

- Traffic growth & split of TDM vs. packet traffic
- Multi-layer integration vs. functional separation
- Network automation vs. strict operator control
- 100G+ overbuild vs. retrofit of 10G/40G networks
- Wavelength agility, fixed vs flex-grid approaches
- Protection/restoration in multi-layer designs
- Practical approaches to multi-layer/-period network planning
- Online/offline multi-layer path computation and layer interaction
- Potential and possibility of network defragmentation

This workshop provides a forum for network operators, system vendors, tool providers & academia to discuss requirements, challenges and solutions for POTN design. Key findings from recent network studies as well as practical approaches to network design are presented.


Session I: POTN Requirements & Results from Network Studies

Multi-layer Networks: Preparing for the Future
Glenn Wellbrock, Verizon, USA

Multi-layer Design: Some Architectural Alternatives
Peter Magill, AT&T Labs, USA

Packet Optical Transport Network: Carrier's and Standard Points-of-View
Yoshinori Koike, NTT Network Service Systems Labs, Japan

Optimizing Packet Optical Transport Networks for Carrier Requirements
Matthias Fricke, Andrea Heckwolf, Deutsche Telekom, Germany

Session II: Practical Design Approaches & Lessons Learned

Network Scaling with an Adaptable Multi-layer Hierarchy
Loundon Blair, Ciena, USA

Design Aspects of Packet Optical Transport for Optimized Support of Converged Services
Michel Chbat and Madan Shastri, Nokia Siemens Networks, USA

Evolving Packet Optical Transport Networks with a Flexible Multi-layer Design
Chris Bowers, Juniper Networks, USA; Achim Autenrieth, ADVA Optical Networking, Germany

Impacts of 100G on Optical Network Design
Jeffrey Maddox, Cisco Systems, USA

Panel discussion (30 mins)