Next level of convergence

Workshop 3
Sunday, 18 September, 2011
10:00 - 13:30
Room C

Network transformation is a major endeavor for most of the network operators worldwide in the recent years. In the resulting IP based networks, services are basically enabled by processing in data-centers. Web based services are of increasing popularity and economy of scale effects drive even enterprises to the “cloud”. So clouds come in different flavors, based on a physical infrastructure different business model could be realized, like Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It can be expected, that Telco-Clouds could offer cloud services towards enterprises and consumers, as well as offer local execution and storage to global cloud providers. There is no doubt, that the importance of data-center is extending and the performance and scalability of their architectures, in which the network plays a crucial role in maximizing the overall efficiency, is challenged.
Moreover due to the interconnection of Mega-data-center the structure of the Internet has started to change towards a flatter hierarchy and a denser interconnection with consequences for routing, traffic engineering and security. As a result the role of traditional transport network as mediator between content and eyeball networks is changing too.
The workshop will cover different aspects from the network provider and data-center operators perspective, and will address the consequences of the increasing influence of data-center network architectures on telecommunication network and vices versa.


James Kempf, Ericsson, USA
Bruce Maggs, Duke University, USA
Antonio Manzalini, Telecom Italia, Italy
Ori Gerstel, Cisco, Israel
Michiaki Hayashi, KDDI, Japan