Symposium on International Optoelectronics Association: A Forum for International Cooperation in Optical Fibre Communications and Related Technologies

Chair: Dr. Thomas Pearsall, European Photonics Industry Consortium, France

The Swiss way of FTTH

Chairs: Bruno Schöllkopf, BSP Networks, Switzerland; Ruedi Felder, Electrosuisse, Switzerland

Optical avionic networks

Chairs: Mark Farries, Technology Advisor, Gooch & Housego Torquay Ltd, UK

Nanophotonics for optical communications

Chairs: Masaya Notomi, NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Japan; Roel Baets, Ghent University and IMEC, Belgium

Green Optical Communications

Chairs: Rod Tucker, University of Melbourne, Australia; Mario Pickavet, Ghent University – IBBT, Belgium

Undersea Systems: Technologies and Applications

Chairs: Ekaterina Golovchenko, TE Subsea Communications LLC, USA, and Jose Chesnoy, Alcatel-Lucent, France