Envolvable, Sustainable Low Power Optical Network Architectures

Wednesday, 21 September, 2011
11:15 -- 13:00, Room C
We.8.C • Green Access

We.9.C.1 • 11:15 (Tutorial)

Evolvable, sustainable low power optical network architectures

David. B. Payne1,2; 1CSCT, CTVR/Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; 2School of engineering, Swansea University, United Kingdom.
Optical communications technology offers an opportunity for radical restructuring future telecommunications networks. The major challenges for future networks with fibre to the premises (FTTP) is; economic viability, resource sustainability, the ability to evolve and adapt to new technologies with out large scale uplifts, particularly of the physical layer infrastructure, and also be able to accommodate a wide range of operating and business models. This Tutorial will examine these issues and possible network architectural solutions that offer potential economic viability, substantial reductions in resource usage, particularly power consumption, and the ability to evolve as new technologies emerge in the future.