Optical Nanofibers and Nanowires

Tuesday, 20 September, 2011
09:00 -- 10:45, Le Cervin
Tu.3.LeCervin • Novel Fiber Devices

Tu.3.LeCervin.1 • 09:00 (Tutorial)

Optical nanofibers and nanowires

Limin Tong1; 1Department of Optical Engineering, Zhejiang University, China.
When its size goes down to the wavelength of the guided light, an optical nanofibre/nanowire exhibits interesting properties such as tight optical confinement, strong near-field interaction, abnormal dispersion, enhanced surface effects and excellent mechanical flexibilities, which opens opportunities for combining waveguide optics with near-field optics, nonlinear optics, plasmonics, quantum optics and optomechanics on the nanoscale and low power level, and intrigues a variety of novel nanophotonic components/devices. This talk reviews the principles and technological applications of optical nanofibres and nanowires. Future applications of these one-dimensional building blocks for optical communications and sensing are also discussed.

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