Wednesday, 21 September, 2011
09:00 -- 10:30
Room C

We.7.C • Radio Over Fibre

Chair: Eduward Tangdiongga; Eindhiven University Technology, Netherlands
We.7.C.1 • 09:00
Hybrid Radio over Fiber and Visible Light (RoF-VLC) Communication System
Amir Masood Khalid1, Giulio Cossu1, Raffaele Corsini1, Marco Presi1, Ernesto Ciaramella1; 1Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy.
We experimentally demonstrate the integration of Radio-over-Fiber and Visible Light Communication technologies, into a hybrid system for indoor communication. The system, realized according to IEEE 802.11g standard, works effectively at typical office luminance level.
We.7.C.2 • 09:15 (Invited)
Recent Progress in Optical Access and Home Networks: Results from the ALPHA Project
Mikhail Popov1; 1Netlab, Acreo, Sweden.
ALPHA has made substantial achievements in passive and Ethernet optical access networks, home networks based on silica and plastic optical fibers as well as in optical transmission (including optical OFDM) and radio-over-fiber technologies.
We.7.C.3 • 09:45
Simultaneous implementation of Gigabit Ethernet, RF TV and radio mm-wave in a multiformat Home Area Network.
Joffray Guillory1,2, Anna Pizzinat1, Philippe Guignard1, Francis Richard1, Benoit Charbonnier1, Catherine Algani2, Philippe Chanclou1; 1France Telecom R&D (Orange Labs), France; 2CNAM, ESYCOM laboratory, France.
We demonstrate a high throughput multiformat home network supporting simultaneously on a unique optical fiber Gbps Ethernet, terrestrial TV and 60GHz radio. Hybrid electrical optical multiplexing is used to maintain system low cost.
We.7.C.4 • 10:00
Optical Frequency Tripling with Improved Suppression and Sideband Selection
Manoj P. Thakur1, Paula LaurĂȘncio2, Carmo Medeiros2, John E. Mitchell1; 1Electronic & Electrical Engineering, University College London, United Kingdom; 2Center for Electronics, Optoelectronics and Telecommunications (CEOT), University of Algarve, Portugal.
A novel, optical dispersion tolerant millimetre-wave radio-over-fibre system using optical frequency tripling technique with enhanced and selectable sideband suppression is demonstrated. 3 dB RCE penalties for multichannel WiMax transport was recorded after 40 km of fibre.
We.7.C.5 • 10:15
Long-Reach 26.54-Gbps OFDM RoF System at 60 GHz over 100-km Fiber and 3-m Wireless Transmission Employing Phase Noise Compensation and Bit-Loading Algorithms
Chia-Chien Wei1, Chun-Ting Lin2, Ming-I Chao2, Wen-Jr Jiang3, Chun-Hung Ho2; 1Department of Applied Materials and Optoelectronic Engineering, National Chi Nan University, Taiwan, Taiwan; 2Institute of Photonic System, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan; 3Department of Photonics and Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan.
We experimentally demonstrated 26.54-Gbps OFDM RoF signals at 60 GHz over 100-km single-mode fiber and 3-m wireless transmission. After compensating dispersion-induced phase noise, adaptively modulated OFDM signals can achieve >15% capacity increment.