ECOC 2011 Optics Express SPECIAL issue:

You are invited to submit a manuscript of your work which you presented (either tutorial, invited, oral, poster or postdeadline) at the ECOC 2011 in Geneva to the "ECOC 2011 Optics Express Special Issue". 

Optics Express gives your ECOC 2011 paper the opportunity to publish in a high impact factor journal with a quick turn-around. Individual articles will be published online as they are ready. The issue date is 12 December 2011.

You will also receive a 15% discount compared to the standard Optics Express page charges and your work will appear together with the other ECOC presentations, including the postdeadline presentations, in this special issue.

The title and author list of the manuscript which you submit to OPEX can be identical to the title and author list of your proceeding paper. However, the manuscript which you submit to OPEX will undergo peer review, thus it should add substantial or significant new information to the 3-page paper which you originally submitted to the ECOC 201 conference.

Submissions for the "ECOC 2011 Optics Express Special Issue" (link to submissions site) can begin on September 1. Submissions are due September 30 (tutorials, invited, oral, posters) and October 31 (postdeadline).