Citizens of some countries may require a visa to enter Switzerland. Please check with the Swiss embassy in your country, what specific papers you personally need in order to participate at ECOC 2011 in Geneva.

The attached list may give you some overview regarding basic visa regulations, however we highly recommend to double check the individual requirements to enter Switzerland with the Swiss embassy in your country.
We will be glad to give you any possible support such as letter of confirmation or addidtional documents.

             personal data required by the Swiss authorities to apply for a business visa.


      your visa application form.

In any case please specify your request thoroughly. 

Letters of confirmation will be sent as a .pdf file by e-mail in due time. If you need it in any other format, please exactly indicate in your request (including proper contact names and numbers).

Please note that we can only give further support if:
  • you are registered to the conference properly
  • you indicate your personal registration code given by the registration department of the ECOC 2011 conference.
ECOC 2011 organisers cannot take responsibility for unsuccessful visa applications or intervene VS any decision made by the embassies on behalf of any delegates.
ECOC 2011
Swiss Office / Visa     e-mail
c/o Electrosuisse
Bernadette Kohler

Phone + 41 44 956 11 58