How to Preside at an ECOC Conference Session

Dear session chair,
You are responsible for making sure that the session runs smoothly, on time, and that the audience is engaged.
Basic Principles

1. You need to be there at least a half of an hour before the session starts.

a. You need to help the authors load their presentations
b. Have a quick chat and make them feel welcome
c. Make sure the A/V is okay

2. Kick‐off the session by saying a few remarks at the beginning of the session.

a. Introduce yourself, your affiliation
b. Theme of the session
c. Introduce speakers and simple information about their talks

3. Keep the session on time.

a. Sessions need to run on time and you will be able to warn the speaker in advance
b. Inform the speaker when time is running out

4. Facilitate the discussion.

a. Solicit questions from the audience
b. Have questions prepared in case the audience doesn’t have any
c. Speaker should repeat the audience member’s question so everyone can hear it
d. At the end of the session, wrap up the session and thank the speakers

Remember these points:

  • Speak clearly and loudly
  • Keep to the schedule
  • Engage the audience
  • Wrap up succinctly and on time, the total amount of time allotted for each paper will be listed in the Advance Program
Presentation Type Presentation Time Discussion Time
ECOC Invited 25 minutes 5 minutes
ECOC Tutorials 55 minutes 5 minutes
ECOC Oral/Postdeadline 12 minutes 3 minutes